Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Call from the nurse's nurse (sounds funny huh)

I got a call from the nurse practitioners nurse, how weird is that? she said my progesterone was in the "gray" area 11.2 (or so).
She gave me the option of vaginal progesterone at night, which i have opted for. They want to see the # 25 or above... I'll take it until the 28th when I go in for my next appt.
I was also given an approx EDD based on what they saw on u/s yesterday April 11..
She also said there were definite tones @ 110bpm, which is consistent with the gesational age. They could not hear then, but measured them via u/s.. no more betas or anything until the 28th..

a big sigh of relief with a side of small worries....

The one person who knows my path, is keeping me safe in his arms!
Praise to our Lord & Saviour

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