Monday, August 25, 2008

i feel yuck

2x ms this morning, cramps not so bad.
had a scm mtg at the preschool this morning.
I took an AE hpt this morning after i got home, not that it was negative or anything but the test i took 5 days ago had almost no control line & today's had a very there control line.
So now i'm concerned that something bad has happened & my hcg is dropping.
I have an appt on Thur (7w5d) so i am so very concerned.
i know i cannot change the outcome, but it does not change my fears

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  1. Hi, it's Tyla from FF...I found your blog again :)...You said the control line was barely there and then definitely there? The ctrl line doesn't matter so much....Sometimes there is less dye, so maybe it all goes to the test line :). I'm glad that so far, things are going ok. GL and FX for your next appt.