Tuesday, August 12, 2008

July 2008 begins a new mysterious preggo journey

Another Surprise BFP 10 months to the day after my 07' one.
Beta on cd28 was 42, cd30 was 41.. I was told to prepare for m/c.. repeat hcg on cd37 was 223, cd38 324, & cd41 742.
cd43 revealed a gestational sac (about 5mm) in the uterus (woo hoo)!
After much discussion by one of the OB's & the NP, they *think* I ovulated very late and may have had a subsiquint pregnancy resulting in the odd beginning #'s. Or, maybe the 1st # was off (by alot). I do not think we will ever know what happened.
The OB had me hold my breath while the tech checked for "activity", they found some.
They believe it was a fetal heart tone as the #'s did not match that of my own heart rate.
After the OB left the room, the tech said my body "relaxed" and she found a yolk sac.
The NP was in the room & saw it as well.
So from the time of cd41 where a different OB told me I had 1% viability of a healthy pg or even having a gestational sac, we discovered that it was not ectopic, not chemical, and so far, not a blighted ovum, we've come a long way.

I have to thank my FF Family! They are so awesome....
I could not have endure this emotional roller coaster (so far) with out them..

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