Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My TTC Journey

We began TTC in 1998 after we purchased our 1st home.
In 1999, I had a LAP due to Stage II Endo. In early 2000, we did 1 round of Clomid with IUI.
None of that worked to allow us to conceive, so our OB refered to to a local RE.
Lots of testing & 3 IUI's with Injectable meds did not produce any pregnancy, so off to Invitro we went.
Aug 2001 we had out 1st IVF, transferred 2 5 day (Blastocyst) Embryos & got pregnant.
around 6 or 7 weeks, we discovered that the pregnancy had result in a blighted ovum (gestation sac with no baby) & a D&C was performed the friday after 9/11/01.

We tried again & had a 3 day transfer with 2 embryos on Valentines Day 2002. On his Due date, our son Luke was born. C-section due to breech position, but healthy as can be.
Our hearts werre content & I became a SAHM, due to Corporate consolidation & I was not complaining about it.

In 2004, after several abnormal paps, my GYN feared I may have cells that could result in Cervical Cancer. He performed a Cone Biopsy which revealed severl mm of toxic cells surrounding my cervix. He said it would be more difficult to conceive dur to scar tissue. Hubby & I laughed it off, knowing we could not get preggo on our own.

4 months later, after returning home from a trip to Chicago (visiting family), we became pregnant. However, I did not know until into my 5th week of pregnancy.
Anthony was born 1 week before his actual due date, via repeat c-section. Can you blame me for not wanting to go into labor on Thanksgiving?!

In Oct 2007, i conceived naturally again, to my surprise (and my husbands as well). We were blessed to see a heartbeat at 6w1d. We told our family at Thanksgiving, as we felt we had alot to be thankful for. 1 week later, we found out our little one had passed. We had a D&C on 12/1/07.

July 2008, my journey continues...

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