Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Almost to the next milestone

Well, I'm almost to my 12th week. Almost everything says the 2nd trimester begins there.
I annoy my peanut daily by checking on it with the doppler. I have discovered that it is too big to burrow in the pelvic bone as it had previously did.
Last week it was a walnut, this week a lime. DH is amazed at that !
My m/s has subsided slightly but the all day queasy fest still lingers.
We still have not told our families & I told hubby this morning he'll have to hide me from now on b/c this morning, it was quite noticable.
Not much longer & we'll tell them.

8 more days til my 12w3d u/s. I am so anxious to see peanut again

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


okay, so I have not posted since my u/s & appt.. I have been living in the land of the porcelain gods... 3 1/2 days of not keeping anything down was horrid!

WE have a HEARTBEAT !!!! Woo Hoo !!!!!

Plus, after all the guessing of when I ovulated & what not, they gave me the date from my LMP, April 6, 2009

The little tadpole was 1.94cm long and beautiful.
I got a doppler from EBAY yesterday & found the little froggie :)
Today I got a hb (displyed & counted for me) of 173
I am not sure when we are telling the boys or our family but dh heard it last night & i think made it more real than the picture...
Oh, & i've kept down almost everything for 2 days