Monday, November 3, 2008

Have not posted in a while

18 weeks today!
Woo Hoo !!!!!!!!!!

Can I scream it from the mountaintops ?!

Here ya go Dr Todd.. Here's your 1% viability LOL

My morning sickness as far as tossing meals is concerend has all but gone. I still need to pop peppermint gum or mints periodically but not as much as before.

I went 2 weeks ago to Ultra babies to see if I could get a gender determination, but peanut refused to cooperate. I go again tomorrow!
I have my level II in 3 weeks on the 24th.
We decided to Let Luke reveal the gender of the baby, which will be expecially nice for him.

While I am here typing, peanut just gave me a bump. it's been a few occasions where i have felt the baby, so it's nice & noticed when it happens.

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