Friday, January 23, 2009

Have I not really posted since November?

WOW, time flies...

well, let's see.. I am 29w4d with a baby boy who is kicking at this moment.

I have most of the nursery complete & the boys are excited about their brother.

I will have a repeat c-section but won't know the date until my next appt on 2/4.

I'm up to 215 now (yuck) no one has made mention that my weight is bad since i didn't really gain for the first few weeks with round the clock morning sickness. Heartrate has been great & so has my bp.

I failed my 1 hour gtt miserable (chocolate & Luke's black eye the night b4 was to blame) but passed my 3 hour with flying colors.

I may be having another u/s in 4 weeks to make sure there is no fluid surrounding Christopher's organs (as it occured in Nov)

otherwise, we are all good... little one kicks frequestly, Luke & Anthony are good...Lance & I are good... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!