Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh what a night!

Took 2 older boys to Nana & Papa's... Dinner with hubby & Peanut at Ya Ya's (mmmm) followed by a trip to Lowe's (window shopping, but not for windows LOL) then to Dairy Kurl... Hubby has been craving his chocolate cone dipped in butterscotch with chocolate sprinkles and no one does it right but them...
soooo worth the drive
Home & now peanut is in bed, Star Wars V is on Spike (once again) and I am looking forward to a nice sleep...
Back is so very much better. Not 100% but better.
Migrane left with lunch but ICK, (TMI), hurling took it's place..

I forgot to wrap Isabella's gifts so I'll be doing that in the morning as they are in peanut's bedroom (oops)

Happy Birthday tomorrow to our niece....

Just another day

No change. I still sit in pain, oh but wait.. now I can add migraine to the list... Oh my head. Hubby played 9 holes of golf with his parents.. My boys were pretty decent for me.. a bit of squabbling, but I nipped it.

I am excited that not only are the 2 older going to Nana & Papa's for dinner, but sleeping over AND the grandparents are taking them for the haul to the zoo where we will all meet for Izzy's 1st birthday..

So at least we will have an awesome 45 minute ride to the zoo with just peanut in tow.

Hubby is at Home Dpeot trying to figure out why the new boxes for our light fixtures are not working, peanut is napping & the 2 older are watchinga show on Netflix.. Love that Netflix has the dvd we can just put in the Wii & they can watch things instantly.

Where would we be without instant gratification... Oh the monsters we create for ourselves.

Off to make lunch for empty bellies....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Military, say thanks...

My baby brother is currently serving his 4th deployment. 2nd in Iraq.
If you have a spare moment, say a prayer...
Those who are away from their families this long holiday weekend, those who have no one at home waiting for them, and as this holiday is for... In memory of those who have died so that we may be free.
This is especially true as my brother lost a fellow soldier just last week, in an area south of where he is, same Battalion, different unit. This soldier's parents now must mourn their son. Memorial Day will take on a new meaning for them.
So if you love being free, if you love that you are home right now reading this... Say a prayer. Thank a soldier in the store or anywhere you may see someone in uniform.

OMG the pain

I sit here typing in agonizing pain. Last weekend was full.. Birthday party in the middle of the hot Florida sun, thank goodness it was at the YMCA so we could go in the pool. When we got home, 2 little ones napped, oldest helped dad clear the gutters and I started pulling weeds... Sunday we tackled the rest of the yard.. Hubby was moaning about mowing so I went out & started... I learned something after 15 years of marriage... If i want him to do something, just begin the project when he's home. INSTANT MOTIVATION! Now, I did mow the front & back yards, but while I was doing that, he did the rest... edged, weedeater & blew off all the sidewalks with the blower. The normal 2 hour gruntwork job for him took about an hour with the 2 of us.. Then dinner at his parents house with more swimming for the 3 boys & I.

Why am I in pain? Well hubby's theory is last weekends work caught up to me, which is more than likely the case. It began Thursday & today, i broke out in tears when hubby tried to turn me over when i was doing his back exercises. He promptly left to go run errands for me..

It's just my lower back area, just below the waist line... I think i prefer the back of my thigh pain from Monday & Tuesday to this.

I can barely pick up the baby or lay him in bed without beginning to cry.

I have taken my limits of Tylenol, Doans (what a joke) and Aleve... No help... yesterday i switched the heating pad & ice pack around & while it helped for a while, it was short term love...

So now I must deal...

Luckily we have no plans til Monday when our niece (Hubby's big brother's daughter and currently the only granddaughter) turns 1 and we head to Lowry Park Zoo...

I will post pics.. My boys love that zoo and we have had passes for 6 years now... My 4yo is excited since this will be the 1st time he'll get to ride Gator Falls which is a log flume ride... Short & sweet, but none the less, a ride..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Didn't make it

Well, I didn't make it this morning to the gym. There is a Zumba class starting at 10:30a & guess who is going for a nap. That's okay though. I have laundry in the washer & dryer so I can hopefully accomplish something.
I think I am going to try the gym this afternoon with all 3.
Go work out for 30 minutes (hey every little bit helps) and then head to the pool, as the boys requested it for today.
I am trying to be freebie & sample woman again as well as start back into the sweeps. I need to get busy. No, not another excuse to be on the computer. Hey, some of these sweeps can rock & who does not love freebies & samples!
I am also trying to take the FL test to become a notary. We'll see how far that goes. I should also get to some dictating. Every little bit helps.

Okay, off to check the dryer... I'm sure I'll be back today

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

okay, so did get some things accomplished. I am somewhat happy with myself.
My chicken did not thaw so we're having pizza... frozen not fresh & not my pizza pinwheels. I got  a great deal on a DiGorno at Wal-mart. I had a $3 off internet coupon & the pizza was $6.50 ($8.92 at Winn Dixie)
That's cheaper than even Hungry Howies. Now the pizza may be smaller but we get breadsticks and I can make a salad.
I also did some Target Shopping. I utilized some great coupons with clearance & sale items. I have to go back b/c I left my $4 Schick Intuition coupon in my recycle shopping bag during checkout.

I received the WD ad today & while the sales are not what they were yesterday, they did have meat on sale & that's what I need, so I'll be going after the gym tomorrow.

I promised L I would have lunch with him on Friday, so that will be nice.

Trying to be organized

So I made a menu for the week, have almost all the ingredients (waiting for Wednesday so I can meat shop at WD with my coupon, hey $10 is $10), I have my to-do list written (nothing yet accomplished and it'as late Tuesday morning). I am trying to be better at things. I REALLY need to get back to the gym & tomorrow after I drop off the kids at school, peanut & I are heading to the Y. Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OMG are you kidding?

What have I done? I have not posted here in this long?

Well, things have certainly changed...

My less that 5% chance of a healthy pregnancy is officially 1 and then some.

He is amazing !!!!!

He ADORES (I cannot emphasize that enough) his big brothers and I have to say, he is becoming Daddy's boy to a certain extent.

While I had my tubes tied with my last c-section, I do still wish I could have just one more some dyas. Those days are the ones where all 3 of my boys are well behaved & nice to each other of course. Guess how often that happens...

I am still at home and still so much in love.

My hubby has assured me time & again that he lives for the boys & I. Really, unless he cheats at work, he doesn't go out or do much without us. Just like me.

I am resolved to the fact that at this point in our lives, he is happy right where he is at home.