Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just another day

No change. I still sit in pain, oh but wait.. now I can add migraine to the list... Oh my head. Hubby played 9 holes of golf with his parents.. My boys were pretty decent for me.. a bit of squabbling, but I nipped it.

I am excited that not only are the 2 older going to Nana & Papa's for dinner, but sleeping over AND the grandparents are taking them for the haul to the zoo where we will all meet for Izzy's 1st birthday..

So at least we will have an awesome 45 minute ride to the zoo with just peanut in tow.

Hubby is at Home Dpeot trying to figure out why the new boxes for our light fixtures are not working, peanut is napping & the 2 older are watchinga show on Netflix.. Love that Netflix has the dvd we can just put in the Wii & they can watch things instantly.

Where would we be without instant gratification... Oh the monsters we create for ourselves.

Off to make lunch for empty bellies....

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