Tuesday, May 18, 2010

okay, so did get some things accomplished. I am somewhat happy with myself.
My chicken did not thaw so we're having pizza... frozen not fresh & not my pizza pinwheels. I got  a great deal on a DiGorno at Wal-mart. I had a $3 off internet coupon & the pizza was $6.50 ($8.92 at Winn Dixie)
That's cheaper than even Hungry Howies. Now the pizza may be smaller but we get breadsticks and I can make a salad.
I also did some Target Shopping. I utilized some great coupons with clearance & sale items. I have to go back b/c I left my $4 Schick Intuition coupon in my recycle shopping bag during checkout.

I received the WD ad today & while the sales are not what they were yesterday, they did have meat on sale & that's what I need, so I'll be going after the gym tomorrow.

I promised L I would have lunch with him on Friday, so that will be nice.

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