Saturday, May 29, 2010

OMG the pain

I sit here typing in agonizing pain. Last weekend was full.. Birthday party in the middle of the hot Florida sun, thank goodness it was at the YMCA so we could go in the pool. When we got home, 2 little ones napped, oldest helped dad clear the gutters and I started pulling weeds... Sunday we tackled the rest of the yard.. Hubby was moaning about mowing so I went out & started... I learned something after 15 years of marriage... If i want him to do something, just begin the project when he's home. INSTANT MOTIVATION! Now, I did mow the front & back yards, but while I was doing that, he did the rest... edged, weedeater & blew off all the sidewalks with the blower. The normal 2 hour gruntwork job for him took about an hour with the 2 of us.. Then dinner at his parents house with more swimming for the 3 boys & I.

Why am I in pain? Well hubby's theory is last weekends work caught up to me, which is more than likely the case. It began Thursday & today, i broke out in tears when hubby tried to turn me over when i was doing his back exercises. He promptly left to go run errands for me..

It's just my lower back area, just below the waist line... I think i prefer the back of my thigh pain from Monday & Tuesday to this.

I can barely pick up the baby or lay him in bed without beginning to cry.

I have taken my limits of Tylenol, Doans (what a joke) and Aleve... No help... yesterday i switched the heating pad & ice pack around & while it helped for a while, it was short term love...

So now I must deal...

Luckily we have no plans til Monday when our niece (Hubby's big brother's daughter and currently the only granddaughter) turns 1 and we head to Lowry Park Zoo...

I will post pics.. My boys love that zoo and we have had passes for 6 years now... My 4yo is excited since this will be the 1st time he'll get to ride Gator Falls which is a log flume ride... Short & sweet, but none the less, a ride..

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