Friday, June 25, 2010

Awesome so far

Luke is having his last day of Cub Scout camp. He is loving it!
He's learned to shoot a BB Gun & do archery (so glad i did not witness, i would have lost my mommy mind)
He went fishing & was swimming like crazy. Even without his beloved goggles, he swam under water and opened his eyes.
Anthony, CJ & I have been chilaxing.. I'm ready to have Luke home so we can do more things with all of us (minus Daddy who has to work)

15 days from today is our vacation. I am so looking forward to it.
Horseheads NY & the NYC.. Coney Island, Harris Hill, the Statue of Liberty..
I cannot think of a more lovely time.
We are going to try & hike in Watkins Glen & see the waterfalls.

I am nervous about taking the bubbies on a plane. All 3 boys.. L&A will be fine.. It's little man I am worried about.

Okay, off to do some household chores.. waiting for 2 calls, which will come hopefully soon. One for test results for hubs & one saying i can have my van door handle replaced.
Oh the small things in life that excite me LOL

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