Thursday, June 3, 2010

One more week, and then another half

So my oldest gets out of school on Wednesday while my pre-schooler does not get out until next Friday. But they have the same amount of days left. LOL
Guess that's what happens when you only go 3x per week.
Next school year.. .VPK.. So Awesome! 2 boys in school 5 days, granted Anth gets out at noon, still.. everyday !

Peanut is so awesome.. He is ready for a nap, gives the the signal whine, goes to the fridge & taps the door....which means ~Mommy, milk!~ Once his gottle is ready, I hand it to him & he takes off to his room... I love it!
He loves the blanket Aunt Janelle gave him. He really does not sleep well without it.

So my back felt better by Tuesday & yesterday, what did I do...
Mow, edge, weedeater, & blow off the front yard... So Smart. Aches a little but not too bad.

I am waiting patintly for some freebie samples I ordered.. I love them

Oh, oh... Went yesterday & took hubby to Chik-Fil-A for his FREE SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH!  KUDO's to the Ulmerton Location.. Not only did they give him his free sandwich, but fries & a drink as well..
And he loved the sandwich...
And the boys were FABULOUS!

It was an all around fabulous day!...

Love it..
Now let Thursday be as nice...

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