Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Golf Camp

Our 2rd year of Golf Camp at St. Andrew's Links in Dunedin is going very well.
After winning 3rd place last year in the Father's Day Golf Tourney with his Dad, Luke's interest in golf has soared. The same Pro Teacher has been there forever and this year the amount of children attending has grown.
Luke's skill and behaviour on the course is matured and once camp is over, I think he is going to sweet talk his Dad to take him out for a round on the course.
Since Luke is not interested in many other sports, this excites me how much he loves golf. It is also an opportunity for him to be able to bond with not only his dad, but his grandparents as well. Hopefully once he gets a couple more years under his belt, his Dad will be willing to take him to the Master's Golf Tournament in Augusta!

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