Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HAAN FS-30-PLUS Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer Review

Last year we purchased the HAAN FS-30 Steam Cleaner. I so dislike mopping an the residue chemicals tend to leave, the drying time, and my children and Jack Russell Terrier trying to explore the bucket of dirty water (yuck!).

We purchased the steamer with the carpeting attachment because anyone who has children and carpet know that sticky things appear out of nowhere. The steamer came with 2 washable reusable pads, a small container to use for pouring the water in the steamer, the carpet/furniture attachment & a resting pad. This set us back $109.95 with free shipping.

I cannot tell you how easy this is! I cannot say enough about this cleaner. Not only do my tile floors sparkle, all the gunk comes off, but they dry quickly. Less than 10 minutes after using the steamer, it is dry and ready for use. All I am putting into this steamer is water!

The carpet attachment has been useful for me when i find small dried mats of scariness in my carpet. I use the carpet attachment, let it steam over the area for a minute or two and the gunk softens up easily and comes out of the carpet without hassle. The I can clean my carpet with whatever I need to, to remove the stain.

I thorw the cleaning pads in the wash with the towels we use outside (drying the cars after a wash, or drying off the dog) and they are still in excellent condition.

Now, my floors do need a good scrubbing down every once in a while and I am all for that, but forget the floor cleaners that need disposable pads and chemicals cleaners that set you back loads of money! This steamer pays for itself over and over.

The Haan steamer is purchaseable on several websites. I am including the link to NewEgg where we purchased ours. This link will give you features and specifics.

Disclosure: The review of this product is expressly my own. I received no monetary compensaion nor any product for this review.

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