Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's a Date... Night

So not that Hubby & I get to go out alot alone or anything, tonight will again be NOT one of those nights, LOL !!

My husband's works is sponsoring a movie night at a local cinema with free food/beverage.
So after working all day long with these people, we are leaving our 3 boys at home with their beloved Miss Kate (family friend, my baby brother's ex-gf, who is really like my sister, long story), to go watch Twilight: Eclipse.

Now, do not wrinkly your nose up, because secretly you are a Team Jacob, Team, Edward, or as I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago, a Team Bella (she derserves her own team, right) fan...
I have read the book series and now am comparing it to the movie version.

Hubby may never admit to his friends he has watched the 1st 2 and may tell them he is doing this for me only, but I *know* secretly, he wants to see it too!

PIzza for my 3 boys tonight and I am out of the house for a lovely evening of not being "mommy"..

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