Saturday, July 24, 2010

Itzy Ritzy Review

Itzy Ritzy Products are fabulous. They also offer green and eco friendly products..
They offer a wide variety of patterns, products, and are reasonably priced.

I recently received 2 Itzy Ritzy bags from

1 Skull Snack Bag

1 Large Wet Happened bag

I intend to use the snack bag for my oldest son's lunch instead of continually using Ziploc bags for snacks, so I have not used it as of yet. Next week for golf camp will be my 1st try.

However, I did use my Wet Happened bag.
I was able to contain 2 Digital Camera and 1 camcorder with ease and with my concern of rain, we experienced a HUGE rainstorm and my cameras stayed dry. The bag was in a backpack in the stroller while we were runny to the covered area.

I intend to use this now when we go to the pool so store wet swimsuits for my boys after they change.. this will save them being rolled up in wet towels and soaking my car.

I absolutely love my Itzy Ritzy bags and will consider purchasing them in the future as gifts for my family members.


  1. Hi Tara! Those Itzy ritzy bags are cool. That's what I need for the boys snacks. I am visiting and following here from TPRP. Stop by Moms Own Words sometime...htp:// Have a great Sunday!

  2. These bags look great! I always put our camera in a ziploc to prevent spills on it these bags would be way better!

  3. HI,

    I am your new follower. Nice to meet you!

  4. I'm glad to hear you like these bags. Our sons school just did a fundraiser with them and I bought 4. Look forward to getting them!


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