Saturday, July 31, 2010

No News Saturday

And yes, the title says it all, No News...

It has been a fairly quiet Saturday. Highs hitting 104 & 110 degrees in some areas prohibited the boys from alot of outside activity today, but their Dad did seem to manage to survive the lawn work (Thanks honey).

We did hit the grocery & after comparing the Winn-Dixie Sales Ad to what I normally pay at Super-Walmart, we ended up braving the Oldsmar Super Walmart crowd. It wasn't bad, I stuck to my list & saved $9.05 in coupons..

Plus, taking hubby always means impulse buying.. Like Red Bull and donuts ..

We splurged our 1 night a week dinner out & had yummy Country Pizza Inn...

We got a freebie Red Box and looking forward to watching Hot Tub Time Machine.

I am looking for new items to reviews and products to giveaway.
I need to formulate a PR letter to go out..

And my To Do List grows :)

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