Saturday, July 24, 2010

Super Saturday

Okay, so First, a little McD's recap.. Strawberry Banana Smoothies ROCK! Even if you freeze them and let them rethaw.. they are still great.

Today (Sat) we had a garage sale in which my boys sought out & purged a great many toys.. They intend to repurchase newer ones. But they did stay outside for the entire morning and make their own sales so They will reap their rewards.

Tonight are going to a Minor League baseball game in conjunction with the Cub Scouts. The Clearwater Threshers are one of our local teams and they have a great facility. We also got a fabulous deal with our scouts and will be joined by my MIL & FIL.. Love it!

Thanks to all who are now following, and have entered my contest.

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  1. I totally need to have a yard sale myself, just wayyyy to hot in northern cali, i think id melt!


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