Monday, August 16, 2010

7 Days!

We now have 7 days before school begins.
I have so much I want to accomplish.
The pool (again), the zoo, the library (always), 1 more trip to (ssshhh) Chuck E Cheese!
I heard a rumor I'll be getting my niece on Wednesday as my BIL/SIL have a pre-natal appt.
They REALLY are wanting to know the gender of Peanut II.

Anthony is excited for VPK and when we count down the days, Luke puts his head into his folded arms and pretends to sob. Poor guy. Is 2nd grade that bad?

With the start of school comes other things. Besides, new friends, new teachers, and new experiences.. We also have Cub Scouts (Luke is a Wolf now) and CCD.
Anthony doesn't get those things yet but he will soon.

We are thinking of Karate for both boys after a few weeks in school. It's just so hot outside really most of the time here. We tried tee-ball last year but muggy, hot, bugs and little man do not make a good evening.

If they like karate, it will be nice because it's at the YMCA. Kids Zone for CJ, gym for me, and 5 minutes from home. BONUS!

Next Monday is open house at both schools and Hubby has taken the day off. It'll be a family excursion and the teachers can experience my family of 5.

I am pretty sure my school supply shopping is done and I followed some of the wisdom Florida Frugal Family and purchased extra school supplies. We have extra backpacks and putting the supplies in them and taking them to a local Food Bank that offers essentials as well as food.

I try to get the boys involved in helping those less fortunate.

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