Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gyro Bowl Review (As Seen On TV Product)

So I ordered the Gyro Bowl. The bowl from those As Seen On TV product commercials...
Here is the product commercial:

Now I did purchase this as my 16 month old son Christopher loves to carry his snack bowls all over the house. I let all 3 of my boys test it. Luke & Anthony thought it was cool but once I turned on the camera, they turned into quiet children.

Anyway, we liked the design, it is sturdy. We washed it by hand and it did not discolor, keep soapy residue or anything like that. I will say that when Luke (7) swung the bowl vigorously, pretzels did spill. When I turned it super fast, pretzels hit the floor. Anthony (4) and Christopher (16 mo) had no problems keeping the food in the bowl.

The lid is flexible, not like a hard Rubbermaid lid. It was easy on, easy off.. If my 4 year old can do it, I should be able to.

Here is Luke with the Gyro Bowl

Here is Anthony with the Gyro Bowl

And finally Christopher with the Gyro Bowl

I purchased 2 bowl for $14.99, which was not terrible, but the $9.99 shipping cost was truly outrageous. This seriously could have easily shipped for $5.99.
The shipping time was fabulous. I ordered this on 8/3/10 in the late afternoon and it arrived on 8/9/10 with my afternoon mail. They quote shipping time as 4-6 weeks. They will actually try to sell you "expedited" which is obviously an additional charge but there is truly no need for it!

In all, I am pleased with the bowl purchase. All of my boys want to use it. I had to convince my 4 year old it was not for morning cereal with milk.

Christopher with his Froot Loops this morning

Disclosure: This review is based soley on my opinion. No monetary compensation nor any product was received based upon this review.


  1. Hi, thanks for the videos, I'm thinking of buying one. I would have been nice to see how much force it takes for a kid until stuff spills.

    Also, why can't you put liquids in this bowl without spilling?


  2. Hi frank,
    liquids have inertia, so that when you change directions the liquid keeps on going in the same direction like a ocean wave, regardless if the bowl moves and stays level, solid stuff stays in the bowl.
    Mr. Science

  3. I have not had the same experience. I purchased this product on Jan. 8 and still do not have it Feb. 7. Also purchased the buy one get one and my invoice only states my order as 1, so it will be interesting to see what actually is delivered. I was not appreciative of the excessive sales pitches for other companies or them trying to enroll me into other products, trial or otherwise that will result in my having to cancel some membership that I never opted into. I only wanted this product and if I wanted to order other things I will without them automatically doing so. Hope this helps the next purchaser.

  4. can you please show me how much force it takes to spill it? it would help a lot to know!

  5. To the mom of Luke, Anthony & Christopher, thank you for the video. It was nice to see it in "real life" instead of on an infomercial. I have 2 sons, Patrick (7 1/2) and Tyler (3 3/4) and I was wondering if I should buy it & does it "really" work. It would be great for dry cereal in the morning, especially on the weekend with my Tyler who just loves to walk around with his food no matter where you sit him down to eat unless you are sitting right there with him & watching him. And as all mom's know, we are usually doing 3-5 things at once, so I set them up for breakfast & then go on my way of starting laundry, making beds or a number of other to do's. Thanks again, you helped me make up my mind. I think I'll give it a try. :)

  6. I do not find it worth the money. The lids does not seal around the bowl at all. Outside on the ground ants right inside w/ the cereal is how I found out it is not an airtight seal like tupperware or such products. My phone call to order it was over 11 minutes w/ all that product offers and I was immediately declining. Never talked to an associate and was never given any total my card was being billed. That scared me. But it did come in 4days to my door, I was shocked, and no extra mailing charges. Makes me mad if I want to return it I do not get shipping fees I paid when ordering, only the $14.99. I do not think I will order another seen on TV offer again. Now I get calls offers they want to charge $1 to my card for trial memberships,...received 4 calls in 3 days, UGH!!

  7. Just wanted to point out it's now available everywhere - bought a few as gifts at Bed Bath & Beyond for $10 each -- and no shipping!

  8. This bowl does not work! The cheerios immediately came out with out a lot of force! I want a refund!


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