Friday, August 20, 2010

My poor sick boy and the night ahead

My littlest, CJ, is having a hard day. He's had a little cough and a runny nose for a couple days. I've been treating it as I have with any other small cold the boys have had. But late this morning, it escalated. He couldn't stop, every 3 seconds of free breathing was interrupted by more coughing until be finally got sick form coughing so much. He was so sweaty just from the coughing.
He finally went down for a nap with his humidifier by his side and I have not heard one peep from him in the time he's been in his crib.

The Dr can't see him until 4:15p.

A view from the baby monitor

After nap time and cupcake sampling

In the meantime...

We have been planning a belated Birthday dinner for my FIL as they were out of town for his birthday (just over 2 weeks ago). So I have 2 racks of ribs marinating in sauce and spices and a cake and cupcakes just out of the oven. Baked Beans, Salad, and breadsticks to come later. Yum!

The boys are making a banner for Papa and we'll blow up balloons with the little bit of helium I have left in the disposable helium tank.


  1. Dinner looks great...I'll be right over! LOL
    Hope all goes well at the DR..keep us posted.
    Becky Jane

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    I'll be back again real soon, but in the meantime please come visit my blog too! I'm having a really cute giveaway right now :-)



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