Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday's Ramblings

What an awesome 1st week for the boys. My normal chatterbox 1st born, had a fabulous first week. He loves his teacher, which really helps. Anthony loves VPK, of course. Both boys have several classmates from previous years, before which makes the days nicer.

Anthony got Boba Fett, he is so happy. He wants me to share with you.

CJ is getting better with his sinus infection, however, Anthony developed an ear infection..
So far, Luke is healthy, fingers crossed it will stay that way.

Saturday is a day of blah! I didn't sleep well (hubs snores) and after finally resting for about 30 mins on the couch, boys 1 and 2 woke up. I am pooped...

Sunday, we (Luke and I) are going to do a Causeway Clean-up with our Cub Scout Pack. It is the last "Summer" activity for us.

Luke received his Good Boy Roy shirt today !
This means what for you?
Well, a review from my 7 year old  next week and a Giveaway for one lucky person to receive a Good Boy Roy Shirt of your very own...

Keep Watch For It !

Hubs and Cj wanted to get in on the photo action...

Happy Saturday

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