Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thanks to All (regarding Sick Baby)

Thanks to all who read and commented on my little sick CJ.
He ended up with a nasty sinus infection and placed on Augmenten.
While he is still cranky and coughing, it is nowhere near the severity of what it was on Friday. The humidifier and Vicks are really helpful.

Dinner was a success Friday night! The ribs turned out perfect! and my FIL was very surprised when he walked in the door to a dinner party just for him. The boys love having Papa and Nana over.
It was a lovely evening and everyone behaved themselves (YAY)

Monday is Open House for the 2 boys and we get to meet Luke's 2nd grade teacher, who I am told, is fabulous! Luke is a big talker and is easily distracted (what 7 1/2 little boys isn't) but he is a good student and when he actually applies himself, he totally ROCKS...
Anthony's teachers (VPK) are complete opposites. Nan is very quiet and Vicky, is well, not at all quiet.
I love Vicky, Luke had her for VPK. She will get my little man ready for Kindergarten.
Being that I basically live at the pre-school during the school year , I know everyone. Sometimes I joke that they have a cot for me there. I will be lost after this year as it will be at least a year before CJ enters a classroom environment, even though he will go to Kid's Morning Out occasionally.

I am ready for school to begin, but I will miss having my boys home. With that said, I will also enjoy 3 hours of not having someone ask me for things, whine that they are bored, or that they are hungry every 10 minutes. At least until CJ can talk ;)

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