Monday, August 30, 2010

Thanks to all who entered & tweeted, Donation announced!

Thank you to those who entered the Live Laugh Love Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Giveaway for Sandi's Fight Giveaway.
The winner drawn by will receive a beautiful bracelet from Belly Charms.

I had promised to make a $0.25 donation for each individual who entered the giveaway. However, I am sad to say, that the giveaway had less than 50 individual entries (this count does not include additional entries).

The original donation amount based on the number of entries should be $21.75 ($11.75 from entries and a $10.00 starting point from me). It has been decided by the powers that be, that we will donate the entire $100.00 that we had hoped to reach initially.

We hope that Sandi continues her fight and we will continue to support her cause in whatever way we can!

To read more about Sandi's Fight:

Remember, any item purchased from the Affirmation-Inspiration Collection supports Sandi's Fight 
If you would like to purchase the Live Laugh Love bracelet on your own, Belly Charms has graciously provided a 10% off discount code: Use the code LIVELAUGH
Shipping is also free. Code is good until 9/15/10

To Make a Donation of your own, Click here:


  1. Tara,

    I cannot thank you enough for your generosity!!! Every cent/dollar is greatly appreciated and we are so grateful that God has provided for us.... again and again. I've started my 2nd round of chemo and honestly feel like crap, but I've just got to keep on goin'. Support from wonderful people such as yourself has almost kept us out of debt paying for doctor bills. I cannot thank you enough, and rest assured, one day I will pay it forward to someone else. Thank You SO Much!!!


  2. Thanks Tara for hosting the giveaway and donating so much to Sandi. You are an Angel!!!!


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