Monday, August 23, 2010

This is it !

My boys start school tomorrow (Tuesday 8/24) or today depending on when you read this ;)

My 7 year old has been dreading the 1st day but after meeting his teacher today and seeing how many friends from 1st grade are in his class, he is ready to go!
My 4 year old who has been excited for VPK tried to walk slowly and dramatically on his knees to bed and now has no desire to go to school. Oh, how the tides turn.

All our paperwork is filled out, backpacks are ready, clothes laid out and lunches as ready as they can be the night before.

I am so excited for my boys to get back to school. They need their friends and their time away from each other. Mom needs a break from "I want, Can I have?, I'm bored, and He hit me"!

Hubby so graciously adopted Anthony's VPK class this morning. We will contemplate adopting the 2nd grade class later in the year.

I will now be able to get more accomplished at home, grocery shop in the mornings without having to stop at the toy aisle (CJ doesn't realize how important the toy aisle is yet), and maybe, every once in a while, have little man go to Kids Morning out so I can get a hair cut without a baby on my lap. Oh the little things!

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