Friday, September 3, 2010

Are you a TweeVIP?

I had joined a Twitter Party recently hosted by TweeParties.

Q: What are Twitter Parties?

A: Twitter parties are fun, fast-paced events held on Twitter. They're usually an hour or two in length and have a certain topic or theme that draws people to them. Attendees must have a free Twitter account. Users then become part of the party by tweeting a specific #hashtag (or keyword) in each tweet they send during the event. For attendees, Twitter parties are a great way to have fun, learn something new, make new friends and maybe win a prize. For companies, the online events are a way to gain exposure for products and services, engage customers in real-time, and increase followers, subscribers and web site traffic.

Become a TweeVIP!
I received my 1st TweeParty email on Sunday of last week. It was fantastic. The listings of several twitter parties for the week and how to RSVP to them..

If you have not attended a Twitter Party or a TweeParty, here is a list of Etiquette Rules and Tips that are good to follow.

If you are intersted in hosting a party of your own, click here for information on how do host your party through TweeParties

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