Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you like Sweepstakes?

In 2005, I joind I love this site. It's a great place to find sweepstakes, has a wonderful posting forum and a freebies board. Join for free.
I have won several prizes from sweepstakes I have entered via OLS.
Some were small, some were awesome ($1000 for my FIL and a charity for a Pepsi Father's Day Essay).
Most of my prizes have been for my kiddos.
I post all my blog giveaways on this site.
If you do happen to join, send me a message.. I'd love to send out a Welcome on your behalf!

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  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway and stopping by! I am a new follower of yours too!

    BTW - Gone with the Wind is also my fave movie & book!!


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