Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a sad mommy day

When my Luke (7) got his 1st haircut, it was necessary as he looked like Lucy from The Peanuts by his 1st Birthday. When Anthony (4) got his 1st haircut, he was almost 2 because his hair was so fine and barely there. I didn't want him to be bald. Christopher (17 months) has ha a fine head of hair, but a decent amount with precious little curls. I knew it was coming but I was dreading the actual act.
He's my last, the baby..Once those curls were gone, they were not coming back.

But it had to be done.. I cried in the chair, I cried (and scared) hubby when I called to tell him, I cried as I washed what hair he had left, I cried sending an email to my family with his before an after pictures.

He went from my baby to my toddler in moments.. What happened?

Time flies so quickly. With more kids, it seems the year has less days, the days have less hours...

The last of my "babies" has had the first haircut....

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