Monday, September 6, 2010

The Labor Day weekend

Man, what a weekend!
First the a/c (blower) stopped working. Do you know what it's like in Central Florida with no a/c? It isn't pretty. We luckily found someone, by God's graces, who lives in our neighborhood, attends our Church, and whose children go to the same school as my oldest.
We thought we got things fixed but alas, at 12:30a, hubby woke me to tell me we had no air, again..
The air guy came back this morning and gave us a diagnosis, which apparently the wire he though was loose yesterday, decided to mess up the motherboard. Oh well..
He'll be back tomorrow.
We did enjoy some nice family time amidst the no a/c drama.
Saturday evening, we went to a Threshers (minor league) baseball game. We had originally attempt to go in July, during Scout Night, but we got rained out. My MIL and FIL joined us and the boys had a great time. We had "all you can eat" armbands and let me tell you, my boys ate!
Sunday, we went to Largo Central Park and had a picnic and rode the train.
My MIL and FIL, My BIL and his wife (who is with child), their 15 month old daughter.
It was nice, overcast, and as we went to leave, it began to rain, what timing

My cell phone resolution was low, so my video is very blurry, but it gives you the idea of our day on Sunday. Yes, it's my family waving.. Luke, Anthony, Lance (hubby), My MIL, my little niece you probably can't see and my BIL.  Then just a glimpse of CJ's head as he was not interested in riding the train.

All in all, it has been a nice weekend. The best part is, that next weekend, my little brother will be home from Iraq. Only for 2 weeks on leave, but it will be nice. My boys are missing their Uncle and he has promised them to spend at least 1 night. They are so excited!

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