Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mommy needs a break

Finally, all of my children are healthy, hubby is good, and I wake up with Sinus issues.. Of Course.

2 boys had school and I decided little man needed some socializing. He's been to KMO (Kid's Morning Out) a handful of times in the past couple of weeks, but today it was necessary. Mommy needed a break!
I didn't go shopping or to the gym. I came home and vegged. No kids, no TV.. Just me.

It was a blessing because not only did I chat with my little brother who is now on a plane heading to Kuwait & then home for 2 weeks, but my Granny called. It's been forever since we have spoken and I miss her so much. She lives in Baton Rouge near the rest of my entire family. Yes, I am the only one who lives out of state. She will be 85 two days after my 37th birthday. Up until 18 years ago, we spent every birthday together.

Now to play catch up.

My Anth received his Good Boy Roy t-shirt I ordered. Luke had received one to review and how could I possibly think that Anth would not want one! Silly mom..
We also received a candy to review (giveaway will be forthcoming) as well as the Country Bob's Sauce (Review and Giveaway are up) , Pro-Hair Tinsel (review coming soon). We, of course, received plenty of samples in the mail. Luke anxiously awaits by the mailbox each day looking for my Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD win.

All in all, it's been a pleasant week.

This weekend, we may drive down to Sarasota to go to Yoder's Amish Restaurant. Why are we driving 2 hours to eat dinner? Yoder's was featured on Man vs Food, which we LOVE to watch! If given the opportunity, we would love to visit some of the places he goes to. If we end up going, I'll post pictures.. especially of the pies !!!  mmmmmmmmm

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