Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Soldier's Visit

My little brother is a career military man. He joined the LA National Guard when he turned 18.
He had to witness the destruction Katrina caused to our home state, not only to the buildings, but the people. He was with the first group that had gotten to the Convention Center and at that moment, he wished he was back in Afghanistan. He has served in Operation Enduring Freedom, been to Afghanistan 2 times, and is currently in Iraq for a 2nd time.

Of all his deployments, he has never taken leave, he says it's to hard to go back after being home for two weeks. Too much of a teaser. But this time, it was mandatory. So my baby brother's home. He spent the 1st week in LA with our family (My mom's side, she passed away in 1992). We got him yesterday!

My boys were SO EXCITED to have Uncle Paul! Anthony (4) made him promise when he left in March that he would spent at least 1 night when he came home for leave.. and he did.

He played catch with them, read stories, played with their Star Wars figures, had dinner with us... It's so nice to have him within my reach.

It's going to say hard to say goodbye again. He'll fly back to LA on Saturday to make his preparations to leave back to Iraq early Monday morning. He's only be gone til mid December, but it will again feel like forever.

My heart will sink every time I see the MacDill exchange phone number come through or if I don't see him or FaceBook or Yahoo messenger for a couple of days.

He is my hero, my soldier. I am a very proud big sister!

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  1. I am so glad you got some time with son will be home for Christmas. He's in the air Force and I sure do miss him. Thankful for Skype, Facebook!
    God bless you and your brother!
    Becky Jane


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