Monday, September 27, 2010

Our FUNtastic Weekend

Man, what a packed, fun filled weekend!

Our 1st evening was family filled.
We went to my IL's house, joined by my husband's older brother (his pregnant wife, and their 15 mo old daughter), my husband's younger Sister, in from NYC (where she is a designer, my baby brother, in from Iraq (unfortunately, he is on a plane as we speak to go back there) and our family of 5.
We had a FABULOUS dinner from Sonny's Bbq and just spent time together

Sonny's Bbq Dinner

My SIL Janelle, with her nephews and niece

Paul (my baby brother)  & I

Then on Saturday, after going chore crazy, we had our 3rd annual Back to School Bbq at our Pre-School.
Catered by Jimbo's in Tampa, We had a bouncy house, face painter, games, and had a pie throw. Each pie was $1 and benefited the school. Our Director had the idea and volunteered to have pies thrown at her as well as our only male teacher. Everyone was scared to throw pies at our Director. Not me! They overfilled a bowl and I made sure to get my $1's worth ;)
Yes, that's me smashing the Director in the face with a bowl of whipped cream!
Christi, after some of the 3 and 4 year old kids got done with her.

Some of the games we played

Our only male teacher, Ray, getting a pie in the face from his daughter!

The only other adult to get in on the fun, the 2's teacher Christine, got an employee discount, 2 for the price of 1!

Sunday, Hubby and I enjoyed some time out..
He had received 2 tickets to the Tampa Bay/Pittsburgh game for Sunday afternoon. A family friend came to watch the boys and we headed out to watch, what ended up to be a beat down.. Hubby is a Steelers fan so it was a good thing we sat in a Sea of Black and Gold..
A view from our seats. We had shade until the 2nd half

Hubby and I at the game.

We had a fabulous, tiring weekend! I am looking forward to not doing anything next weekend!

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