Monday, September 27, 2010

Tie-in Glitter - Hair Tinsel Review

I received and have tested out the Pro Hair Tinsel Hair Flairs.

I added the Sparkle Gold to my hair to give the brown a little shimmer and shine. I love how it looks up in a ponytail.

I cut the strands a little shorter than my natural hair to blend in better.

They were easy to install and stayed in during washing. I did the install for "short term" as I wanted to test them before I did the 2-6 week tie.

The Hair Flair website has a list of all the colors, instructions, and they ship to Canada!

Watch the Video to see how to tie in The Pro Hair Tinsel Hair Flairs!

This Product Was a Free Giveaway.
Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions expressed are solely my own. No monetary compensation was received for this review.

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