Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween at our House

So this morning we carved our pumpkin and got things ready for this evening.

I had the honor of gutting the pumpkin (joy!)

Luke (7) decided on the face

Lance (hubby) drew and carved away.

The boys were happy we finally got this done.

We added our large pumpkin to our Scout pumpkin our Den designed yesterday (which somehow we ended up with)

Here is my gang ready to Trick or Treat.
Hubby did not wear the helmet to ensure that he could make sure all was safe.

CJ really wanted to go, but stayed and helped me hand out candy instead

What you do not see is the haul of chocolate they brought home (oh so bad for Mommy's waist line).
Also, Anthony neglected to wear socks, how I do not know. He was a wagon rider for most of the evening and we had some first aid TLC when he got home.

All in all, it was a good night!

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Peanuts Snoopy Woodstock Pumpkin smiley smilie smileys smilies icon icons emoticon emoticons animated animation animations gif gifs Happy Halloween Pictures, Images and Photos

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Cards from Shutterfly... thinking ahead.. Have you planned your Christmas cards yet?

It's just about time for me to begin planning our holiday cards. I like to have nice pictures, whether it is of our entire family or just the boys. Sometimes I do store bought cards, but not this year. I am thinking Shutterfly has what I need.

I went browsing through the wonderful selection of Christmas Photo Cards  and found this card.

I love that it has 5 spaces for the 5 of us. I can customize the message to say anything I want it and I don't have to fight to have a group family picture taken.

I have used Shutterfly in the past for things other than Holiday cards. Mugs, a custom desk calendar for Grandma, and  prints.
They have a great selection and good prices. My items are always just as I create them.
I even got my Mother-In-Law to use Shutterfly in which my youngest received a photo book of his 1st year. It's so cute!

Shutterfly is not only for prints and Holiday Cards, but Birthday Invitations, Birth Announcements, and why not.. Thanksgiving cards.

Their selection of holidays cards, birthday, gifts, photo books... it's amazing all that you can do!

If you have not been to Shutterfly lately, check them out. Think about your upcoming events, holiday parties, cards, and gifts you want to give and personalize them. Even the family pet can get in on the action..

Disclosure: All opinions in this post are 100% my own. I will receive a code for 50 free prints in exchange but no monetary compensation has been or will be received

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grill Charms Review

I LOVE Steak.. A nice steak hot off the grill, done right, it just melts in your mouth..
What I don't like is getting my hubby's steak. Especially when he has put some horrid spicy or peppery seasoning on it. Just ruins it for me..

Grill Charms has solved my issue for this situation!

This small steak marker has allowed me to know which steak is just for hubby!

Here is some info for you from the Grill Charms website.
Grill Charms™ offer an entirely new concept in outdoor entertaining. Grill Charms™ are dime-sized solid stainless steel charms that are placed in food BEFORE grilling. The serrated stem holds the charm securely while flipping, moving and grilling food like you normally do. Grill Charm™ your food PRIOR to cooking to distinguish spices and flavors, steak temperatures, or to avoid health or allergy issues. When dinner comes off the grill, everyone knows which one is theirs. They are not only the hottest grilling accessory of the season, but with four fantastic collections to choose from Grill Charms™ make the perfect gift for any occasion!

*No more cutting into 5 steaks to try to find the rare one
*No more offering only mild BBQ because too few guests like it spicy
*No more confusion with health or allergy concerns
*Serrated to stay in securely while grilling, flipping and moving
*Stress free grilling for grill master and guests
*Works with Burgers, Chicken, Steak, Pork, Fish and more!

I received a "Pink Ribbon" Grill Charm to review. No, it's not pink. But it did promptly go into hubby's steak and stayed there while we cooked it.. It came out easily and washed right up with soap and water.

I will be using this grill charm for all my grilling! This way I do not get Buffalo Chicken, or Tabasco anything..
Leslie Haywood, who is the Founder and President of Grill Charms has not only brought us this amazing product while raising her family, but is also a Breast Cancer Survivor. She offers a "Pink Collection". This special set of Grill Charms allows 10% of the proceeds from The Pink Collection will go to The Susan G. Komen Foundation annually to help fund breast cancer research and find a cure.
You can purchase Grill Charms in a set or individually!  Click here to see if you are near a retail store that carries Grill Charms.
Also, if looking for a promotional item for your charity, golf tournament, or community project; you can order Grill Charms with Your Company Logo!

Don;t forget to follower on Twitter @grillcharmer

Lunchbox Love Volume 2 Winner

congrats Pictures, Images and Photos

lifero said... i recieve your emails

What a week already

It seems like when it rains it pours..
SMILEY RAIN Pictures, Images and Photos

My newish van got new tires one week ago.. hubby did the brakes and put on new rotors on the front on Friday/ Apparently, when he was trying the get the rusted rotor off the front right, he knocked a bearing loose and now my van is having the bearing pressed. And it's not an easy thing as you have to dis-assemble the entire front end.

While getting ready for dinner on Saturday night (My MIL/FIL graciously treated my SIL and I to birthday dinners AND paid for a sitter for 4 kids), our air stopped blowing cold air..
Really 5:45p on a Saturday night while we are preparing to out for the evening Angry Pictures, Images and Photos ugh
Thankfully I had our Air guy's cell # and he thought maybe it was the breaker switch, well, it did come back on once we flipped the breaker but it continued to plague us. Yesterday, hubby had to render the house powerless and take out the old breaker, head up to Home Depot and get a new one.
So far so good
Fingers crossed smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

So now I can get back to normal life.. Well, as normal as my life is... The rest of October is booked solid (yes all 4.5 days left of it) and my November is pretty much fully planned.

I have reviews and giveaways a-plenty...

bye Pictures, Images and Photos
for now...

Friday, October 22, 2010

The birthday giveaway has ended.. and the winners are

Congratulations to my 4 winners!!!

The 3 $5.00 winners are as follows

My $10.00 winner is

Congratulations! Pictures, Images and Photos

Deo-Go Review

Deo-Go says it removes stains from Deodorant, antiperspirant, and sweat.

My husband is a chronic sweater and living in Central Florida (being that he's from upstate NY) doesn't help him at all!

I took one his beloved Peanuts shirts that had been stained for quite some time, and used the Deo-Go on it..

Here are some video's showing use of the product:

I also decided to try the Deo-Go on a stain that my 4 year old had gotten on his favorite t-shirt.
While the Deo-Go lightened the stain, it did not remove it. I am not sure what the stain is, and my 4 year old will not confess as whether it is food, drink, marker, or paint.

While not videoed, I did try the Deo-Go on a freshly stained shirt of my 7 year old. With treating the stain right away, and after a machine wash, the stain was removed.

I am quite pleased with the results of the Deo-Go on my husband's shirt. While I do need to give it another treatment to remove what little stain is still there, I am impressed with the results.

If you'd like to learn more about Deo-Go, you can check out their Facebook Page or go to their website.
If you have questions about Deo-Go, click here for their FAQ page.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And so it arrives..

I awoke to a handmade birthday sign from hubby and a heart cut out card from my boys.

Then, this little old man knocked on my door (while I was coloring my hair no less) with a small container of flowers.. How sweet!
Yes, the card says, "You knew it was coming"

Earlier this month, I decorated the front yard of my
brother's Ex-Girlfriend
(long story, but really, she's just family now and she and my brother are best friends).
She turned 30 and while I could not get 30 balloons in my van with the boys and all, I did signs and a big 30 and 14 balloons..

After he walked away and exclaimed.. I'll be right back.. I knew I was in trouble!
35 Latex and 2 Mylar balloons now fill my Foyer..

My 4 year old calmly and seriously said to me..
"Oh you are so gonna so kill her aren't you mom..."
in which I replied.. "yes, yes... baby.. I am!"

Here is Anthony holding the balloons for me while I decide where in the world to put them

My day will get better as I have a Halloween inspired Wolf Den Meeting tonight and then hubby is bring home Mama Fu's (asian) for dinner YUM!

I'm such a wonderfully lucky birthday girl !

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and for entering my giveaway!

(Mommy Rambler!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Head Chef Cooking Tools Teaser

I am very excited to have the opportunity soon to test and review some Head Chef Cooking Tools.


Want to know more?
Head Chefs® are “Cool Tools” for kids and parents. Head Chefs lines of utensils are designed to make kitchen time fun for chefs of all ages.
Professional and home chefs love Head Chefs Sil-pins, the “original” silicone no-stick rolling pins and Base Bowls, the Better Bakers Bowl.
All Head Chefs products are made of high quality silicone, metals and materials.
Products are dishwasher safe and will stand up to all the love and attention you and your children will devote to them. Head Chefs is always bringing new products into the family with basic functional tools and new additions coming all the time.
Info Credit: Head Chefs About Page

My boys are going to be so excited to work with these products. Anthony is my major kitchen helper and he is going to feel like a king using his own tools!


Watch for my review and giveaway, coming in November!

"It's My Birthday" Giveaway 24 hours!

This giveaway will run from 6:00pm Wednesday 10/20 to 6:00pm Thursday 10/21
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Disclosure: This giveaway is completely sponsored by Everyday Ramblings of My Life. Graphics and animations from public profiles on Photobucket.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Birthday Giveaway Bash Information!

So I've decided to Bash My Birthday..
No No silly.. Not like that

birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm throwing my own Birthday Party right here on my blog!

I've made the decision to spoil others as I know that there
are 4 special guys who will be spoiling me..

The giveaway will be for a $10.00 gift card.
Your choices will be posted in the giveaway.

If your win and your birthday is in October,
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Be prepared though.. If you are an October baby or happen to be a 10/21 birthday,
I will require proof!

Not that I don't trust you... but it's only fair!

CSN $35.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway

I am saving up for new counter stools !

These are looking better and better with
each fall off my current ones
(my boys get their coordination from me I'm afraid)

Once again, I am able to offer one person the ability to shop at CSN with a $35.00 Gift Certificate

Use Google Friend Connect and  friend me (or let me know if you already do)
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If you already do all of these things, Thank you

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Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary compensation nor any product for this giveaway.

Current Giveaways

LunchBox Love Volume 2 Giveaway Ends 10/22
Tag*A*Long Giveaway  Ends 11/7

and very new to the giveaway log is
CSN $35.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway Ends 11/9

Lots to put up, stay tuned !

Monday, October 18, 2010

Luke reviews PBS's Arthur, Season 14

My 7 year old has watched Arthur Reed on PBS for many years. He's read all the books our library has and even likes to create his own stores about Arthur and Buster.

I was very excited to receive the opportunity for Luke to review advanced episodes of ARTHUR Premieres Season 14 on PBS KIDS GO!

He has watched the 2 DVD's several times and now has them memorized. He tries to get up extra early in the mornings to watch them as they are on prior to 7am locally here.

I asked Luke to do a review of the new episodes he watched. Here he is:

Disclosure: I received 2 DVD's of Arthur to review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are expressly those of my 7 year old son.

Thursday is gonna Rock!

So, this week I am going to host a 24 hour giveaway. This is in honor of a very special day..

My 37th Birthday!

I am not sure what it will be yet.

My day is already planned as Anthony (4) and CJ (18mo) are going to Kid's Morning Out as I have a Teacher conference with Anth's teachers. Then, I'll have 2 hours A-L-O-N-E!

I was going to get a pedicure but i got a nasty gash on my toe this weekend and I couldn't fully enjoy it.
I could come home and nap or take a bubble bath.. just an idea..

We also have a Cub Scout Den Meeting the evening of my birthday, so really, the day will be "as usual" as far as things go..

I may splurge and do dinner curbside somewhere so I don't have to cook, but you never know what will happen with that!

Okay, so come back Wednesday evening... You'll have 24 hours to enter whatever it is that I conjure up!

YAY for Me & You!

CSN Review Teaser ! What do I want from CSN today?

My boys keep falling off the counter stools! I swear i need backs on them!
The stools, not the boys Photobucket

I have no idea how old my counter stools are but I saw some I really liked online.

These are nice, metal, and black. They would suit my home and my needs. And they are not that expensive. I would be super happy to have these in my home and no more little boys backwards off of the stools!

Is it wrong to ask Santa for a household item such as this?
Is there something you would like from CSN?

Coming soon, you will have the opportunity to win a $35.00 Gift Certificate.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Our Pumpkin Patch Day

My weekend was awesome ending with a trip to the pumpkin patch. Now, we don't get the fun Farm experience that most do up north or out in the country (I am sure they are somewhere within an hour or so, but we've not done that research), but we've gone to the same place for 5 years now.

Christopher (18mo) loved the pumpkins and following Anthony (4) around. Luke (7) kept finding the largest, oddest looking pumpkins and trying to pick them up.

CJ was just not having my picture taking anymore

The boys looking for a pumpkin

CJ not sure about the hay

Finally, a beautiful picture of my handsome guys.
Man, Hubby & I can make 'em cute !

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

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