Thursday, October 21, 2010

And so it arrives..

I awoke to a handmade birthday sign from hubby and a heart cut out card from my boys.

Then, this little old man knocked on my door (while I was coloring my hair no less) with a small container of flowers.. How sweet!
Yes, the card says, "You knew it was coming"

Earlier this month, I decorated the front yard of my
brother's Ex-Girlfriend
(long story, but really, she's just family now and she and my brother are best friends).
She turned 30 and while I could not get 30 balloons in my van with the boys and all, I did signs and a big 30 and 14 balloons..

After he walked away and exclaimed.. I'll be right back.. I knew I was in trouble!
35 Latex and 2 Mylar balloons now fill my Foyer..

My 4 year old calmly and seriously said to me..
"Oh you are so gonna so kill her aren't you mom..."
in which I replied.. "yes, yes... baby.. I am!"

Here is Anthony holding the balloons for me while I decide where in the world to put them

My day will get better as I have a Halloween inspired Wolf Den Meeting tonight and then hubby is bring home Mama Fu's (asian) for dinner YUM!

I'm such a wonderfully lucky birthday girl !

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and for entering my giveaway!

(Mommy Rambler!)

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