Monday, October 4, 2010

Coppertone Product Review

Living here in Central Florida, we get a ton of Sun and warm days.
We have the chance to wear shorts on Christmas Eve (sometimes) and can swim in the pool at Halloween.

With all the fun comes the danger of UV Rays and little kiddos with tender skin.
My family and I was offered the opportunity to test Coppertone products. Yes in late September, and early October, here we are applying sunblock!

We received 4 products; 1 2oz bottle of 50 SPF Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion, 1 8oz bottle of 70 SPF Waterbabies Sunscreen,  1 6oz 55 SPF Waterbabies Sunscreen Stick, and 1 3oz can of Solarcaine.

All of my boys love the YMCA Pool. We live just a few blocks away and it's a wonderful way to relax after a hard school day. It's usually about 4p when we go and the sun is still brutal.

We tested out the 70 SPF Waterbabies Sunscreen and the 50 SPF Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion recently during one of our Pool excursions.

All 3 of my boys walked away with not even a hint of redness from an hours worth of sun.
Even I, who burns like the freckled Irish girl that I am, was praising these Coppertone Products!

I decided to do an experiment during an outing my hubby and I had.
Hubs is a HUGE Steeler's fan and received tickets to the Steeler's vs Buccaneers game a week and a half ago. It was a 1pm game, so imagine the intensity of the Florida sun.

I took the 70 SPFWaterbabies Sunscreen and put it all over my arms and legs.
Hubby used the 50 SPF Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion and the 55 SPF Waterbabies Sunscreen Stick for his face.

For the first part of the game, we were loving the shade. After halftime, we were not so lucky.
The sun came blaring down on us. We left after the 3rd quarter as really, the Steeler's were just walking all over the Bucs. The 15 minute walk in the sun back to the car was torture.

While getting ready for bed that evening, I noticed how red my chest and face were. Right across my nose looked like Rudolph and my chest looked like a cooked Lobster! My arms and legs were fine, no hint of sun there anywhere. My husband had nothing!
The Solarcaine provided amazing relief for the pain I was feeling from the sunburn.

I know that in some parts of the US, people are getting cooler weather, but here in Florida, we are going to be out in shorts for the next couple of months and need to be safe in the sun.

Coppertone Products are pediatrician recommended and quite affordable.
Anyone venturing out in the sun should definitely invest in quality sunscreen!

The Coppertone MyUVAlert™ is a great item for your IPhone or Ipod.
This app offers:
• Reapplication reminders for each person in your profile, which is awesome when you are swimming or playing outdoors.
• Local UV index and weather forecasts.
• Sun protection tips from the COPPERTONE® Solar Research Center.
• Valuable coupons for your favorite COPPERTONE® products.

Disclosure: 4 Full Size Complimentary Coppertone Products were provided to my family and I for use and review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed in this blog post are 100% expressly mine.


  1. We are in S. Florida so coopertone is for sure a must!

  2. oh I wish we were getting that sun, it's gloomy and cool here. well, it's Fall in Canada afterall. I love Coppertone in the summer sun though!

  3. I love Coppertone! We use it all the time.

  4. Coppertone is my fav too! It just started cooling down here, but we have to remember just because it cools down does not mean we still can't get sunburned!

  5. I know this is supposed to be a review on the coppertone (I love it also!) but the pool is whats got my attention - I want to come play too!

  6. I love Coppertone. I'm in Georgia and it is supposed to be in the eighties this weekend so we're still applying sunblock too.


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