Friday, October 22, 2010

Deo-Go Review

Deo-Go says it removes stains from Deodorant, antiperspirant, and sweat.

My husband is a chronic sweater and living in Central Florida (being that he's from upstate NY) doesn't help him at all!

I took one his beloved Peanuts shirts that had been stained for quite some time, and used the Deo-Go on it..

Here are some video's showing use of the product:

I also decided to try the Deo-Go on a stain that my 4 year old had gotten on his favorite t-shirt.
While the Deo-Go lightened the stain, it did not remove it. I am not sure what the stain is, and my 4 year old will not confess as whether it is food, drink, marker, or paint.

While not videoed, I did try the Deo-Go on a freshly stained shirt of my 7 year old. With treating the stain right away, and after a machine wash, the stain was removed.

I am quite pleased with the results of the Deo-Go on my husband's shirt. While I do need to give it another treatment to remove what little stain is still there, I am impressed with the results.

If you'd like to learn more about Deo-Go, you can check out their Facebook Page or go to their website.
If you have questions about Deo-Go, click here for their FAQ page.


  1. I get deodorant stains on a lot of my work shirts so This would be great for me

  2. Oh, My husband would love this. Great gift as well. :)
    Thanks for sharing

  3. That's cool! Thanks for including the videos, you can definitely see a difference.

  4. That's awesome - I always wonder about those stain removers!


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