Friday, October 8, 2010

Gold Canyon Candles by Jennie

I have come across a wonderful online Candle shop.
Gold Canyon Candles by Jennie offers a complete line of candles, bath and body products and home products including home fragrance in the form of scented candles, room sprays and sachets; home d├ęcor with various candle holders; a full line of body care essentials and candle care products such as wick dippers and trimmers and wickless home fragrance.

Gold Canyon Candles by Jennie features holiday scents and holders, Support many charities, and can provide your home with a wonderful soothing aroma.

You can check out Gold Canyon Candles by Jennie's Facebook page here

Disclosure: I have received no product nor any monetary compensation for this shameless plug of a fellow blogger's online business


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  2. Hey there! I am from giveaway blogs, and came to follow you blog :-) By the way it is super cute! Would love for you to come follow me back :-)

  3. THose candles are definitely pretty enough for a shameless plug. :)


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