Monday, October 4, 2010

Lunchbox Love Review

My son love to bring his lunch to school. The possibilities are endless!
Whatever he is in the mood for, he can have (given it's not sugar ridden).
My 7 year old is a nurturer, and very sensitive. He loves little notes left for him and he loves to create pictures, notes, and cards for everyone in his family.

When I began seeing Lunchbox Love cards everywhere, I *knew* that these were perfect for Luke.
The daily affirmation of whatever he may need for that day paired with a fun fact, nothing could be more perfect.

The first day he received one, he wasn't sure why. When I explained to him what they were, he was delighted and when he receives them, he shares the "fun fact" with his class (with his teacher's permission)

I added one to my husband's lunch last week, he giggled cause he knew they were for our oldest, but loved that I chose a blank one and wrote something special on there just for him.

I love that new volume's keep coming out.

This is a great product for your child. Sometimes they need just a little note to let them know that they are on your mind. Some days are rougher than others and these affirmations of feelings and thoughtfulness are not only a wonderful way to let your kids or loved ones have a boost to their day, but when they share them with a friend, or an entire class, it can benefit so many.

A Single Volume of Lunch Box Love is $3.99 and if you purchase 4 volumes, shipping is FREE !
You can use Promo Code LBLCMP for 10% off, at Go to
 Code good through 10/30/2010

Disclosure: I was provided with a volume of Lunchbox Love for Kids for review purposes. All opinions in this blog post are expressly mine. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. these are really cute, I will have to check this out. great review

  2. Oh those are too cute! I love slipping little notes into the lunches and coat pockets so these are super sweet.

  3. Those are so cute - I know my kids would love to find them in their lunch boxes!


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