Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Birthday Giveaway Bash Information!

So I've decided to Bash My Birthday..
No No silly.. Not like that

birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm throwing my own Birthday Party right here on my blog!

I've made the decision to spoil others as I know that there
are 4 special guys who will be spoiling me..

The giveaway will be for a $10.00 gift card.
Your choices will be posted in the giveaway.

If your win and your birthday is in October,
I'll add $5.00 to that gift card and you'll get a $15.00 Gift card.

IF, you share my birthday, October 21st.. I'll make your Gift card for $21.00

Be prepared though.. If you are an October baby or happen to be a 10/21 birthday,
I will require proof!

Not that I don't trust you... but it's only fair!

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