Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Plumbing activity for the day

As stated in my previous post, We had some plumbing issues and instead of spending $100.00 to have the company put in an extension to our sewer cap, I opted to do it myself (this also saves labor charges if they ever have to come out again).

I had the guy leave everything dug up from yesterday so I didn't have to re-dig anything.

I had to use a plumbing primer and plumbing glue (which we already had) so purple is the primer (in case you wonder). I had to attach a  4" male adapter to the existing sewer camp into the ground (pic 1), then attach 2 feet of 4" pvc pipe to the adapter (pic 2), then attach a female adapter the the top end of the pipe (pic 3), and then to put the sewer cap back on to secure the entire thing (pic 4). Each section was primed then glued to the other piece (except the cap of course, no primer or glue).

Yes, yes there is a big white pipe sticking out of the ground next to my front door.

A big white pipe I installed by myself, did not have to pay the plumber $100+ to install, and is accessible for any future emergencies.

I will plant something to hide it, or paint it, but that big white pipe saves me $$.

Oh, and I cleaned my carpets before I did this.. Ha, check 2 things off my To Do List ! YEAH !

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  1. Doesn't it feel good to do your something yourself instead of paying someone? Way to go! Anyways, I'm now following you on GFC (Rachel Raymond) from your link on the giveaway blogs forum. Please follow me back?


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