Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tag*A*Long Review

About a month ago I won a Tag*A*Long from another blogger's website.
I had been entering all kids of giveaways because I wanted one so very much!
My Anthony (4) is a roamer. He wanders and I end up loosing sight of him or he is not paying attention and wanders into another's path (on the trail or in a store). So I finally won one and Anth thinks it's the coolest thing.
If we are in a store, he exclaims "Tag*A*Long" and grabs the bright tangerine handle.
I love this thing! It's convenient handy, and my son loves to hold onto it!

The material is very durable and it has not gotten too hot to touch while we are outside, though we are not in prime Florida heat right now.

I was blessed enough to contact the company about giving one away here on my site and they saw I had just won one (they remembered my name from shipping it to me) and we decided instead of sending me one to use personally, I could use it to giveaway locally at our Pre-School parent meeting as well as do a giveaway here (yep, I'll be posting that later today).

This morning was our meeting and I had the Tag*A*Long (in the Blue Promo color) that was sent to me and everyone kept asking what it was and how it worked. Before we did the Door Prize Giveaway, I stood in front of a few of the Mom's and explained the concept of the Tag*A*Long.
I promoted the website (of course) and then we did the raffle drawing. The mom who won it had 2 kiddos (she liked to blue too) and was excited because she, like me, has wanderers in her family.

She was so excited about it, she was calling her mother as we were leaving the meeting to tell her about this new product. Here are some pics of Anthony with our Tag*A*Long.


  1. That is pretty cool! And if it were me sitting in that audience 5 years ago I would have been saying the same thing "Where have you been all my life!" Great review!

  2. I like that bright orange colour. not sure if it would work with my boy, he's pretty head strong. but I love that it worked for your guy


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