Sunday, October 10, 2010


Okay, so I am finally finishing up some of my product reviews.
I purchased a Handmade Smartphone case from THA MEOW DESIGNS for my Android, as I really wanted to win one last month and did not.

I have an Eris and when picking up my boys from school, or just wanting to quickly wanting to run into the store, It's not easy to carry just my essentials, especially when I have peanut.

I have been using my case for several weeks not and am in love!

It not only fits my Eris, keys (on the wriststrap), debit card and what not, but if need be, it also fits my ipod touch with all these things.

She has amazing patterns and cases to fit all different tyles of phones..

Please take a moment to visit THA MEOW DESIGNS


  1. your phone looks really cozy in there - love the pattern/colour

  2. thanks for stopping by and hooking up with Acting Balanced's Thirsty for Comments .

    I love the design on your case - so chic and it would go with everything and not show the dirt :)

  3. So cute!!! I want one...YESTERDAY!

  4. Oh My, that looks like a professionally made bag, I cannot believe its from an Etsy shop! I love all of her neat patterns. I want one for my droid :(

    Thanks for sharing about them. Oh, BTW, I am here from Thirsty for Comments Thursday!

    Nice Blog...I am your Newest Follower!



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