Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time to clean the Clutter

I can see little piles of clutter gathering in different corners and closets in my home.
I see them at night and think, tomorrow.. I can do this tomorrow.
Tomorrow gets here and I get sidetracked with the rest of daily life and that little corner or closet never sees my face until the next time I say; tomorrow.

Do you have this problem?

I receive an email from Good Housekeeping this morning and the title was "Clean Out The Clutter, Out with the Old: 25 Ways to Clean Out the Clutter".

How ironic. I'm thinking about it and most of the clutter is in my 18 month old son's room. And right now, (1:34p) he's napping..

This articles gives you ideas for things you should be keeping, tossing, donating, etc.
Yes, we all know that the cute stuffed Teddy Bear your 8 year old received at the baby shower (still in the womb) sits on a shelf covered with dust and allergens, but HOW could you possibly part with something so sentimental?

I've recently begun my picture memories with things I need to part with. Like every cute picture my children create for me. I instantly take a picture of the artwork and have a photo album folder on my hard drive (and back up hard drive) for this collection.
I allow the artwork to be hung for a period of time and once the next awesome piece of artwork comes in, we discard the old and do the same with the new. The boys see that I am keeping a record of their pieces and don't feel so upset when it's time to let them go.

With the holidays approaching, are you ready to clean out some of the clutter in your home to make room for new thing?

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