Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a week already

It seems like when it rains it pours..
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My newish van got new tires one week ago.. hubby did the brakes and put on new rotors on the front on Friday/ Apparently, when he was trying the get the rusted rotor off the front right, he knocked a bearing loose and now my van is having the bearing pressed. And it's not an easy thing as you have to dis-assemble the entire front end.

While getting ready for dinner on Saturday night (My MIL/FIL graciously treated my SIL and I to birthday dinners AND paid for a sitter for 4 kids), our air stopped blowing cold air..
Really 5:45p on a Saturday night while we are preparing to out for the evening Angry Pictures, Images and Photos ugh
Thankfully I had our Air guy's cell # and he thought maybe it was the breaker switch, well, it did come back on once we flipped the breaker but it continued to plague us. Yesterday, hubby had to render the house powerless and take out the old breaker, head up to Home Depot and get a new one.
So far so good
Fingers crossed smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

So now I can get back to normal life.. Well, as normal as my life is... The rest of October is booked solid (yes all 4.5 days left of it) and my November is pretty much fully planned.

I have reviews and giveaways a-plenty...

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for now...

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  1. It all happens at once, doesn't it? Hope your week gets better!


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