Thursday, October 7, 2010

You know, I just want one "normal" day

To Moms, what is a "normal" day?

Mine is usually get 2 kids to school and have my little one with me to run errands or come home and relax and/or do chores. Everyday is pretty typical EXCEPT what I have plans..

Today, my plans were to get the boys to school, little man to KMO (Kids Morning Out), Run to Lowe's, steam clean my living room carpet and have maybe a little time to work on my blog before grocery shopping *alone*.
Instead... My already crazy week has rearranged my plans today since my oldest came home from school sick which called for a Dr's visit..
This week my oldest has been out of school once already (sore throat), we've had our A/C guy out, the plumber twice, 3 sick/allergy/sinus ridden children, both hubby & I sinus/allergy ridden and last night after an easy dinner, hubby and I had to reinstall the toilet in our boys bathroom (how romantic).

It seems like when it rains it pours.

Tomorrow is the Fall Teacher's conference at my oldest's school @ 7:45, home to get another ready for school, get hubby out the door for work and have me & Peanut finish what we couldn't earlier in the week. We have Scout Popcorn show and sell on Sunday & Hubby is supposed to take oldest to Greet the new Tiger Cubs at Tiger Growl this weekend (customary in the cub scouts apparently).

I know in there is football, house cleaning, working on birthday invitations for my 2 older boys (they are 3 yrs 10 days apart and we have their parties together) working on my blog, lawn, getting my carpets done, cleaning the tile in the house (hey, I'm making my list here).

Right now, it's off to install a 2 foot piece of PVC pipe outside to my sewer cap. With our yearly plumbing issues and after (another) $250, we finally found the sewer cap and instead of spending another $100+ to have a plumber install it, he gave me instructions and I'm going to do it myself. Yes, I'm taking pictures of my accomplishment. Apparently 42 feet from out home, where the county line and our lines meet, there is about a 1" gap and our sewer lines (in the house) are not flowing to the county properly. I have to call them and see if they will come and determine whether the gap in their problem (oh please let it be) or mine (I see $$$ flying away).

I know I promised reviews up last night, but unfortunately, the toilet in my boys bathroom was unset by the previous days plumbing issues and instead of sewer water on the floor, it was best to reset the toilet.

So at least I review will be up today before our 6pm Cub Scout Den Meeting and my 7pm Cub Scout Committee meeting.

I guess being a run around Mom in my crazy unpredictable life is a "normal" day for me...

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