Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adopted Ed - Book Review

I was very excited to receive this book to read to my boys. They are always curious about people families and why sometimes children don't look like their parents. I am not sure if any of their friends were adopted, but I have friends who are.

This is a great story. I love the illustration as did my boys. I wish all adoptive parents can be as supportive when questions are asked. I think the lessons that we learn about Eddie and how he feels can be translated into our everyday lives and may people related to the feelings Ed feels.

I plan on sending this book to a dear friend, who himself, is adopted. He has a young son of his own but I know that it's important to share these values. I hope that they can enjoy this book and share it as we have.

My 2 older boys (8 and 5 years), have asked lots of questions after reading this book and were fascinated to learn that so many people are adopted. I won't be surprised if my oldest begins asking his friends.

Adopted Ed is a fabulous book. It brings many emotions to the forefront and even if you nor your children are adopted, every parent should read this book to their child. Respect for each person is a beautiful thing and the compassion we show and share is passed along.

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About the Author: Darren Maddern:
          Darren Maddern himself is adopted. While having loving and supportive adoptive parents, Darren did seek and find his biological family. He has close a close relations ship with both families.

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Disclosure: I received this book via One2One Network. This content of this review is based upon my opinions. No monetary compensation was received.

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