Monday, November 1, 2010

Firefly Toothbrush review

Getting my 4 year old Anthony to brush his teeth is difficult in general. Try getting him to brush it for an entire minute, No Way!

That is, until I got the Firefly. He doesn't fight me when i ask him to brush his teeth (and say his ABC's 2x in his head). The appearance of his teeth and breath have actually improved in just the few days he has been using it. My poor boy, at 2 had 2 teeth filled due to cavities and he didn't even have alot of sweets. So I make sure that we take care of the teeth diligently.

Here is some info on the 2-4 year old Firefly toothbrush.
Firefly ® Float’N Firefly 42 MM ® Toothbrush

*Firefly light up technology teaches kids to brush their teeth for a minute.
*With bright glitters and firefly figure floating in the liquid, this toothbrush has all the great features to attract a kid’s attention.
*Soft Dupont Bristles.
*Firefly is the best selling kids toothbrush.

I got Anthony to do a video review for me. Here he is with his new toothbrush:

I really think this tool will help him stay on track with his brushing.

You can buy the Firefly Toothbrush online here. Also, you can look at the Store Locator for a retailer near you.
Don't forget to visit Firefly Toothbrushes on Facebook

Disclosure: I received a Firefly Toothbrush for review purposes. All opinions expressed are that of my son and I. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. I just picked up these toothbrushes. Hope they are a catalyst for the girls!

  2. Ooh they are super cute! Looks like a stocking stuffer to me! =)

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