Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Holidays

I love the holidays. It gets crazy in August with birthdays, school, and other related activities begin. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but not when it comes to the actual "Holiday".

Now, my favorite holiday meal is Thanksgiving. Not only because it's just a wonderful family time, to be thankful, together, and content, but also, it's the time when I married the love of my life.

This year, our 15th anniversary actually falls on Thanksgiving, so I have just an additional reason to be ever grateful.

But decorating and celebrating, Christmas is it for me... The Christmas decorations go up the weekend after Thanksgiving. We find ways to celebrate everyday. Whether it's dancing to Christmas music, teaching my children that it's better to give to those less fortunate, or baking.. I am in heaven.

I NEVER have my shopping done early, and don't get me started on when hubby shops. HA!

This year, our family will have a new addition, as my BIL and SIL will welcome a new little girl.

My In-Laws are so happy. 3 Grandsons, and now 2 Granddaughters.

Everyone gathers at my home (the rule is, they who have the most children, hosts Christmas), my husband and I prepare dinner, drinks, the kids play, the floor overflows with gifts, even though we "agreed" that we'd not purchase as much *this* year.

This year will be happy and sad as my little Brother will be stateside (and not in Iraq) but he'll be with my mom's family (in Louisiana) and not with us.

For those wondering why I have never mentioned my parents, only my In-Laws. My parents have passed on. My mom in 1992 at the age of 42, and my Dad in 1996 at 55. The days are ok, but the Holidays are rough.

I am beginning to plan my holiday menu, make sure my decorations are accounted for, and work on my shopping. It will be here before we know it !

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  1. I love this post! I enjoy the holidays but I always have so much going on that I get stressed out. I want to have more time for the fun stuff, like decorating and baking!

    Also, I sympathize with where you're coming from. My mom passed away one month shy of her 41st birthday, so I know how the holidays can be hard.


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